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NEXUS Card is a border crossing pass for expedited Border Crossing between the United States and Canada. NEXUS cards provide fast expedited travel through dedicate lanes at USA-Canada Borders and are issued to predetermined low-risk US and Canadian citizens.

Nexus Support Services (NSS) is Canada`s independent non government Nexus processing and support compnay Specializing in Nexus card applications, the provision of free information packs, premium packs for instant application form filing for US & Canadian citizens within Canada and the USA. We are not a government agency nor are we associated with any government agency.

Our specialist skills are in interpreting government jargon associated with Nexus Card application forms and an in depth knowledge of government enrollment systems to create free guides and premium paid services designed to assists applicants in filing their NEXUS applications.

We charge a service fee to applicants who choose to use our information packs. simplified online enrollment and configuration pack, appointment booking and form filing services. Our skill lies in our ability to scrutinize documentation for its validity and relevance and to accurately enter information into government enrollment systems.

NSS premium form filing services and appointment booking services are designed to simplify and save applicants to government programs time and the possibility of denial due to data inaccuracy. If you wish to apply directly with a government agency then please visit their website.